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Description of LeuPay Wallet

*Send and receive money, anywhere and anytime, while chatting ;)

fast, easy and without any fees

*Tap & Pay in any shop with your phone (must have NFC)

easy, secure and free

*Your personal virtual card for online shopping

with no issue or usage fees

*If you wish, you can order your Chip&PIN, VISA Card and withdrawal cash from any ATM in the world.

LeuPay Wallet is the first digital e-money wallet that is truly 100% mobile. You can receive money from your friends or load by yourself via a credit/debit card or via a bank transfer. Your money are 100% mobile and available all the time. That way you can:

- pay with your phone on every POS terminal;

- shop securely online with your virtual card;

- withdraw cash from your VISA card (you can order it from the app).

Mobile Money – A Feeling of Freedom

*In Chat Money

Yes, LeuPay Wallet is the first app that made your money 100% mobile and available directly from the chats. In chat, you can easily and securely communicate, without having ever go to a post office or to write long and boring emails. Now, you will be able to send, receive or request money while chatting – no need to visit unwelcoming offices or to create electronic transfers from your online banking.

Sending money to your friends and family, partners or clients is as easy as sending a chat message, but that’s not all, they will receive them instantly and completely free of charge. If you want, you can use different checkbook designs and to make your transfer as a gift on every special occasion.

*Tap and Pay

If you have a new generation smart phone that supports NFC, LeuPay Wallet will help you feel completely free! You can spend your balance practically anywhere, anytime and on any POS terminal in the world. You no longer need a card to pay in the supermarket, restaurant, gas station or anywhere else. Place your phone on top of the terminal and wait for the beep. That’s it! If the amount that you want to pay is over 25 EUR, you will need to enter your PIN.

It’s simple and works ;)

*Virtual Card

Do you want shop safely online? Look no further, your personal virtual card is waiting for you in LeuPay Wallet. Go on, download it, register now and you can use your virtual card for online shopping. A virtual card completely replaces the plastic one, no fees for issuing or usage.

*VISA Card

If you want your mobile money in cash, order your Chip&Pin Contactless VISA card and withdraw from any ATM, whenever you need your money. Order your card and use it all over the world, at more than 32 million retailers and at over a million ATMs. For each transaction, you will receive real time notifications.

Here are some additional extras for you to feel even more mobile than ever:

• Budgeting

Define an amount of mobile money that you wish to have in your digital wallet every day, week or month and LeuPay will automatically fund them for you, from your linked credit or debit card. You will no longer have to do load cash manually and will always have mobile money in your wallet, wherever you go.

• Encrypted chat messages

If you want all your messages for that particular chat to be encrypted (secret), choose this option and they will be secure with a unique pair of digital keys.

• Top-Up mobile prepaid cards to any Mobile Operator, worldwide!

If there is a prepaid card that you wish to fund, no matter from your location or its operator, you can do it instantly by entering the mobile number and the top-up amount.

Customer support:

Call center: +356 2247 7999

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